JavaScript shares the fundamental feature of all programming languages: it can get data from some source, process that data, and output the results. Because it is integrated into HTML, JavaScript already knows what your browser knows, and can figure out, for example how many form elements are on a page or how many frames
are in a window. It also knows how to work with this environment, and can perform such tasks as targeting a specific frame for output just as you could target a frame to contain the contents of a hypertext link in HTML.

- The JavaScript Tip of the Week archive is a collection of 30 coding tips with complete source code, working examples, and commentary. JTotW is an archived WebReference column, and is therefore no longer being updated.

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- This section looks at the demand for JavaScript skills across the UK with a comparison to our Programming Languages category. Included is a guide to the average salaries offered in IT jobs that have cited JavaScript over the last 3 month to 1 October 2007 with a comparison to the same period last year. Javascript, which does not need to be compiled, adds functionality to web pages. It can be made to perform a number of useful tasks, such as respond to user actions, validate data, and more. If you want to make your web site more interactive, the tutorials in this section will show you how. At WebReference, we are committed to providing a high standard of material and it is our mandate to continually improve the user experience. From this date onward (04/01/2005), all JavaScript related articles and book excerpts have been condensed into one central index. We hope this is of benefit to you, the user. Thanks for your support! Javascript is a script language developed by Netscape Communication Corporation. It isn't a programming language like the Java language. Javascript's statements are embedded in an HTML page (you should know the HTML language before following this course...). When you download a web page by means of a client such as Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer, the client reads the page from top to bottom, displaying it according to HTML rules. However you can also use Javascript. Javascript scripts are freeware, because you can read HTML pages in order to discover how they are built.
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