C was one of the first general-purpose high-level programming languages to gain almost universal use, and today you can program in C on almost any platform and machine.  It was created by Dennis Ritchie in 1971, as the successor to the "B" compiler, for UNIX systems.
Cplusplussearch.com Established in 1996, ORAsearch.com was the 1st C++ dedicated career site on the internet.
Conceptualized by an IT professional with over 15 years of experience, our service is to assist companies and individuals to find their perfect match of skills and opportunities.
Due to our name brand and our web presence, we have thousands of returning C++ professionals and companies who have made our site the best C++ career site on the internet.

- Justcjobs.com JustTechJobs.com provides you with targeted, high-tech job openings from the leading employers in your area.

- Itjobspost.com This page is dedicated to current C++ jobs. Employers and staffing agencies offer UK C++ software engineer, developer and programmer job vacancies, requiring the disciplines of Unix, GUI, C, UML, L, 3D Modelling, Java and Linux. Recent positions have included Palm OS Development, C/C++ Programmer, Software and Hardware Engineers, and Technical Architect, Managers and Consultants.
IT Jobs Post offers vacancy details for a wide range of information technology professionals, including analysts, database administrators, developers, system analysts, software engineers, consultants, team leaders, testers, programmers, project managers, hardware engineers and system testers, as well as web designers. Specialist areas covered include C++, helpdesk, Java, Oracle, sales and technical support. Browse information technology jobs in other disciplines:

- Itjobsireland.com Hook Head is an IT jobs site specifically designed for IT Professionals looking for work in Ireland. Hook Head's approach is holistic in nature in that we believe in order to attract top quality IT Jobs Candidates we need to offer something of value in return to those candidates, and to get the best quality IT Jobs Listings we need to have a highly-skilled captive audience. Our goal is to satisfy both of these desires by means of our IT Community.

- Itjobswatch.co.uk This section looks at the demand for C++ skills across the UK with a comparison to our Programming Languages category. Included is a guide to the average salaries offered in IT jobs that have cited C++ over the last 3 month to 1 October 2007 with a comparison to the same period last year.

- Itdart.com ITdart.com is an ambitious attempt to address two major needs of the IT community. One, to provide a one stop information on the gamut of training opportunities available in the Country today, covering fields as diverse as software development, network administration and website management. Two, to give our users the option of making an intelligent selection of training courses best suited to their individual needs, choice of vendors and locational convenience.
Successfully meeting these objectives through ITdart.com would go a long way in helping an aspiring person to break into an IT or IT-based career-one of the most sought after and rewarding avenues now a days. Such a career would provide him or her with tremendous possibilities of growth. ITdart.com takes great pride in presenting this information which enables participation in his career and mission.
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