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  Webhosting is the service to host your web pages at a server connected to internet. Itīs a file server which serves the clients "web surfers" with webpages and other files such as movies, pictures etc. There are free webhosting and paid ones. Domain hosting includes to option to use your own internet domain name.
Subdomain hosting is when you get some name like yourname.hosting.com

The first step when you are creating a new website is to choose the name for it. Domain names is best when they are easy to remember, short and easy to spell. Of course if you have an established company you want select your company name as domain. Your domain will be connected to one of the tld, top level domains. The main top level domain is .com. But other alternatives if your prefered .com name is taken are .net,.org,.us, .info, .biz and many country specific domains as .to,.tv.

Register the domain name which are your brand name if you already have a known brand. It will be easier to market and for people to remember.

Avoid hyphenated names like my-domain-here.com beacause they are harder to market and to remember.

And at last get that domain name before somebady else does.

You are ready to select a web hosting company to host your new web site but which one of the numerous webhosts should you choose? Here are some factors you should consider.

Storage: How much space does your website need, most packages comes with at least 50Mb. When you need more space you should be able to upgrade your

Traffic: How much traffic you will need are harder to calculate as it depends on how "heavy" your web site pages are. Will you use a lot of images, movies and mp3 on your site or are you creating a simple information site with mostly text content. Web hosting packages often comes with 1Gb of transfer per month which are enough for most of websites. If you are unsecure on how much you will be using, check the hosting companies prices for extra transfer.

Support: This is an very important factor. When you experience some problems with your site will you be able to get fast and good support from the webhost? Are they offering support 24h a day 7 days a week? How fast do they answer questions?

Reliability: How fast and secure are their servers and how much uptime do they provide. If they guarantee a certian amount of uptime for example 99,5% how do they compensate if they can't deliver 99,5% uptime.
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