Photography involves much more than just pointing and clicking a camera. If you major in it, you'll learn how to choose a subject and compose it effectively, how to orchestrate color and light, and how to develop your photographs. You'll also explore the possibilities of digital and computer-enhanced images. Other forms of visual art will
be part of your major as well, such as painting, drawing, and sculpture. You'll learn how to create photographs that capture your vision and make the statement you want-photographs that say your thousand words.

- A career in photography is a great way to meld a passion and a paycheck. There's more to it, though, than just liking to take pictures. Those of you who get a solid education in the field are most likely to find steady work - and to try different avenues you hadn't initially considered. Did you know that there are food photographers? Forensic photographers? Fine Arts photographers? In the articles that follow you can find out about these different fields of photography plus how to pursue your education and launch your career.

- We are looking for an experienced image retoucher. This is a part-time, seasonal job. You will be an independent contractor and the amount of work will vary. We are more busy in the summer and fall months. You'll work from your home using your own computer, Photoshop and Lightroom or Aperture programs. Most of the retouching is quick and easy density and color balance. Some images will need a bit more time with spot coloring, removing blemishes, and custom cropping. You will decide which images will work best as a color or black and white image, based on the client's requests. This is a great job for a parent who needs flexible hours. Pay is based on the number of images you'll retouch. You should average $10 to $15 per hour.

- Do you have a “good eye,” creativity, and imagination? If you do, it is these essential qualities that make you an excellent photographer. Do not let these talents go to waste. We at specialize in finding you the best photography position available.’s main goal is to find you the best photography position available, and acquire any related information you desire. It makes no difference whether you are a photographer who specializes in portrait, commercial and industrial, scientific, news, or fine arts photography. At you can be sure your needs will be adequately met. Due to the rapid changing technologies there are many ideal jobs available, you just got to snap the opportunity!

- Looking for Photography instructors to teach Basic and advanced Photography Courses, including but not limited to: Darkroom, Documentary, Studio & Lighting, Portraiture, Digital Photography and Photography II.
Candidate must have a strong background in artistic photography, and have excellent printing, and studio lighting experience. Ability to work well with others in a friendly environment is expected.
This is a position that requires a long term commitment. Must be available to work during the summer season as well as weekends.

- We want to share our photography knowledge with you. From taking pictures to using Photoshop we hav tips and articles for you. Our photography how-to section is growing and we have many links to photography sites. A lot of our links were contributed by visitors such as yourself.
We can answer your questions about printing, digital cameras, business management, lighting, and equipment. Photography equipment suppliers and related websites are encouraged to add themselves to our free links area. Reciprocal links are appreciated.
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