Logo Design
The right logo, with the right characteristics, will boost your visibility, credibility and memorablity – which means more business for you! These characteristics include: Consistency in use of your logo, tagline, materials. Repetition of similar elements, used in the same or similar ways, helps people to remember who you are and what you do.
Memorability, so that your logo stays at the forefront of your potential clients' minds. That way, they'll think of you next time they have a need. Meaningfulness, so that your logo can spread the message about the distinguishing characteristics of your business.

- Logodesignworks.com Creating a perfect corporate image takes good communication, not just excellent design skills.  With Logo Design Works you get to speak to your own, dedicated and experienced designer, the actual named professional working on your logo. Your designer is available to discuss any element of your design process any way you choose, telephone, and email or even Instant Messaging and Skype. Logo Design Works, established in 1999, is a real custom logo design company with a full time staff of over 30 designers. We are located on Columbus, Ohio and have direct phone and fax lines and occupy a modest studio premises where our designers come to work and create logos and corporate identities for our clients.

- Logodesignerdirectory.com Search logo designers in your area. Find the right logo designer for you. Designers can list free and upload a sample logo. Coming soon...
Pre-Registration is now available! Make sure you have a spot reserved, register today.

- Designquote.net DesignQuote.net allows for designers to concentrate on doing what they love and not have to worry about marketing their services. The site delivers an average of over 10 new projects every day to thousands of graphic and web designers. It's changing the way designers do business.
While there are many sites on the web that post projects, they are almost all exclusively bidding war sites. A project is posted and designers place bids, the next designer trying outbid the last. Then the site takes a percentage of the final price. This ebay model of web design projects leaves a lot to be desired.
DesignQuote changes the way design projects and designers come together, in ways that benefit both the client and the designer.
Our web sites allow clients to post their jobs free. Clients set a budget range when posting the job, so designers can pick jobs that match their level of experience and ability. Designers browse the projects and purchase just the leads they want to bid on. Once a project reaches it's limit of bids no more bids are accepted.

- Grantasticdesigns.com Our logo design prices generally range from $299 to $500, depending on the type of logo you want for your organization. Logos can be as simple as text placed in a creative way or have more abstract elements requiring illustration. View specifics on our logo design prices.
For logo design jobs totaling under $500, payment is required in full for first-time clients. Logo design jobs over $500 are billable at one-half upon start of job and one-half upon completion of job. Transfer of the logo design and copyright is made to the client upon payment in full.
Upon receipt of payment, we will provide you with two logo design samples within five business days. (Rush jobs for logos cost 50%-100% extra.) These logo samples may be sent either via e-mail or via display on a web page.
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